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  • Thank you for your time, sincere and kind words. Nice to know there are still genuine people out there who believe in what they are selling and believe in customer care.

    Sila Halligan, NSW
  • My Fitlink course was the best course I have ever done in my whole life, including university courses. The professionalism of the course was first class and their lessons were extremely well tailored not only to the fitness industry but to the participants. The teachers really understood what they were teaching and that has become evident even more so since completing the course and seeing how other trainers and group fitness teachers lack the information that was passed on to me. I still remember the lessons and use the tools that I learnt from this course and I would highly recommend attending Fitlink if wanting to pursue a career in the fitness industry.

    Terry McKinven, QLD
  • I first did my Fitness course with another training provider and I was not happy with the training and the teachers. Then I discovered Fitlink Australia through a friend who completed her course with them and have recommended Fitlink Australia to me. I have not looked back. I found the course easy to follow, approachable teachers, willing to help out when I needed to complete my practical hours.

    Jake Chadwick
  • Create PT Wealth Director and Author of the Best Selling Book 'A Personal Trainers Guide To Wealth Creation'
    Fitlink Shaped My Career'
    In 1996, I was fortunate enough to be impacted in such a positive way by Fitlink through their amazing courses, and inspiring role models. I can honestly say that that learning I experienced at Fitlink was second to none. My experience at Fitlink helped me to build the success of my personal training business, Peak Physique which has been running for 19 years now, allowing me to build my team to over 200+ hours of PT each week and become Australia's Highest Paid Personal Trainer at $440.00/session. My Fitlink days also helped to engineer my current business, Create PT Wealth which is Australia's Largest and Most Successful Business Coaching Organization for Personal Trainers, having educated over 3,000 PT's at our 2-Day Business Building Bootcamps.

    Brad Sheppard
  • I chose to complete my Certificate IV and Diploma with Fitlink for many reasons. I was looking for a company that offered me the support to study online, in my own hours around my small family. The ongoing support from the tutors kept me motivated and helped me complete the course within 4 months! I have been working as a Personal Trainer since. The course content was clear and gave me all the knowledge I needed to kick start my career as a Fitness Professional. The tutors went above and beyond to ensure my learning experience was of the highest standard and were always available to help me when I needed. Fitlink makes the programs affordable with a reasonable payment plan that allowed me to start immediately and within my budget. Fitlink just ticked all the boxes! I would highly recommend studying with Fitlink to anyone interested in becoming a Fitness Professional.

    Sian Winstone, QLD
  • I decided to study at Fitlink to develop my skills within the fitness industry. My goal was to be a fitness professional and help share my knowledge and skills with clients for a better lifestyle, whilst studying a degree in Health Sciences and working part time.Fitlink has given me the opportunity to work around my priorities and help me develop as a professional. The tutors have been very resourceful and the staff has shown great understanding and support throughout the past two years of study.Fitlink has helped me to achieve a healthier lifestyle, increased my knowledge at both University and of my lifestyle, and overall has given me much more confidence.

    Ryan Morena
  • I chose to do my Diploma of Fitness through Fitlink as I was looking for a course that I could easily complete while being a stay at home Mum to two boys aged five and one. I found that this course was affordable, easily accessible and the staff I approached in regards to the course were absolutely fantastic. Throughout my time at Fitlink I have had an absolutely fantastic tutor who has helped me a lot and ensured I had every opportunity to succeed. I am not a natural studier but my tutor was always there to give me a nudge or help me out when needed. I would recommend Fitlink to any students out there who are looking to enter the fitness industry. I've found the course to be achievable and straight forward, with a fantastic structure in place to help you complete your course and take your first steps into your chosen field

  • I chose to do my Certificate III and IV with Fitlink Australia for two main reasons. The first one being that from my first inquiry, Fitlink Australia displayed great personal interest in my life, ambitions, previous knowledge in relation to fitness education and my willingness to enter the health profession. The second one being Fitlink Australia's flexible study option. Due to my busy schedule, being able to complete my certificates online was an important factor for me in deciding to study with Fitlink Australia.

    Brent Henson
  • I just wanted to send you a quick email saying thank you so much for all your wonderful support and helping Brendan's dream of becoming a PT a reality. You are a huge asset to Fitlink you are happy, polite, patient and absolutely nothing is a problem no matter how big or small. Brendan is so excited to start and seriously can't wait. Anthony (our PT) text him last night and congratulated him on choosing to become a PT and they are now training as buddies rather than PT and client. He isn't charging Brendan anymore he wants Brendan to start training with him and then to train him. Please can you take this email to your Boss/supervisor so he can see what a difference you have made to a young mans life, and hopefully mine soon too lol. Thanks again Sally you are awesome.

    Love Kay and Brendan Goldsmith
  • The staff at Fitlink were helpful with friendly service, the delivery method was excellent and I was happy with the training at the end of the completion of the course.

    Terri Gilbertson, QLD
  • When I was completing my cert 3 through Fitlink in the mid-90's whilst simultaneously studying for a bachelor in uni, I thought wow this was another stress in my life I didn't need. It was only after I finished my Fitlink course that I fully appreciated the holistic benefits of its challenging criteria and curriculum. Fitlink will challenge you and make you earn your qualification.If you want to succeed as a trainer this is the way to do it. Fitlink will make you competent in your abilities so that once you finish, you know exactly what to do next. You will not be fast-tracked.

    Ahmad Faisal Sahim
  • I did the Personal Training workshop with Fitlink and I have found it very informative which I have implemented within my own personal training techniques where I worked at Fitness First in Sydney. The staff and presenters were friendly to work with, very knowledgeable and knew their stuff; the customer service was excellent.

    Jai Di Tommaso, NSW
  • (Fitness Leader, Physiotherapist) I did my qualification through Fitlink back in 1990 and haven't looked back since. I still teach group fitness classes today and all the basics I learnt from Fitlink then still stand strong today. The instructors were so inspiring, knowledgeable, professional and really entertaining teachers! Thanks Fitlink and all the best!

    Margaret Coates
  • I thank Fitlink Australia for giving me the opportunity to pursue my career in the fitness industry.

    Barbara Pollard
  • I completed the course and I have found the training well received, gained a great wealth of information, the knowledge and skills of tutors were remarkable, it was fun. I have learned a lot from Fitlink which I have been implemented within my own work environment

    Graham Healy
  • The course was most enjoyable; both theory and practical components. The teachers were absolute fun, easy going and really down to earth.

    Kathy Gray
  • Fitlink was the place for me to study, I've learned a lot and I would recommend anyone to do their training through Fitlink.

    Patricia Osborne
  • I have had a passion for fitness for a number of years, and am at the gym whenever I get the chance. I have trained with several of my friends over the years and each of them has said since that I would make a great personal trainer. I was doing software development when I decided to finally pursue a career in fitness and begin my studies. When I began myCertificate IV, I started looking for work experience in a gym, and was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with some very knowledgeable fitness professionals. This really motivated me to complete my studies, and I devoted as much spare time as I could to completing my qualification. And as a result, I have been offered the opportunity to begin my personal training career, at the gym I have been working at, when I finish my Certificate IV.

    Joshua Rand
  • Crystal McLachlan is our Student of the Month for October! We first recognised Crystal’s commitment to her course when she completed her Certificate III in only a few months. Not only that, the effort Crystal put into each assessment item made it a pleasure to mark. Well done!

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